GrowFlow Seed-to-Sale Software Arrives in Oklahoma - Relief for Cannabis Licensees Ensues

In Oklahoma, tracking inventory was the hard part until now

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority tweeted that 2,283 business applications were received. And of those, 666 dispensary, 1,087 grower and 280 processor licenses had been approved as of Nov. 18, 2018. Legislation and regulations around the medical program in Oklahoma are reliant on the licensees using some kind of internal inventory tracking system.

GrowFlow is the most popularly used seed-to-sale software in Washington and California within the recreational space. This seed-to-sale software platform was actively launching in California, where it is again proving to be the leader in chosen recreational cannabis, when Oklahoma surprised everyone with an aggressive release of medical licenses.  

We suddenly had a noticeable amount of traffic on our site from Oklahoma. Our team looked at what was going on in this state because licensees were hungry for a solution. They wanted an easy workflow that suited their needs in the cannabis space.

Rufus Casey, CEO and Founder

"We suddenly had a noticeable amount of traffic on our site from Oklahoma," Rufus Casey, CEO of GrowFlow, states. Casey developed GrowFlow in Washington because the state licensees required an integrated software with the state tracking system that was easier to use. The outcry in Oklahoma was similar to the needs they noticed in Washington in the early days. 

In Washington, GrowFlow gained permission to attach their software through API and create a workflow for users. In time, they built out a custom label editor with static and dynamic fields to make printing test results easier, as well as integrating with QuickBooks. They recently released a "storefront" where users can share live inventory with their clients, among other features.  They are now licensed at the state level to provide their services and are Metrc Certified to attach to government-issued software.

GrowFlow is now training its first users in Oklahoma and scheduling events within the state to teach licensees how to navigate the state's expectations related to compliance and inventory management.  

"We have our pilot program for the first wave of users in motion, and we have a live demo and training program in Tulsa in mid-December. The people in Oklahoma have been incredible to work with. We hope to be a resource to them in this arena."   


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