GrowFlow is Now the Most Popularly Used Seed-to-Sale Software in Oklahoma

Cannabis software in Oklahoma's newly regulated market

GrowFlow hosted educational events

Oklahoma opened its medical cannabis program one year ago and is beginning to set itself up as one of the most robust and organized new markets in the cannabis space. The approach that OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority) took was bold, as loose restrictions to obtain a license and issuing many licenses was noticed industry-wide.  

OMMA required licensed operations to obtain an approved seed-to-sale software system and to have a system in place by August 29, 2019. SAAS provider GrowFlow created educational events that were designed to educate and train new licensees how to track inventory, print barcodes, and generally conduct business on their easy-to-use interface.  With an offer of a 30-day trial, and no account set up charges, licensees that were serious about maintaining compliance, entered into the GrowFlow system.  

GrowFlow now has a stronghold on the market with about 500 licenses subscribed or in trial, echoing the success they achieved in Washington state, where they first came to market and dominated the insulated state market scene. Now, the benefits of being on GrowFlow's system include automatic transfer of inventory from one user to another and other tools related to vertical integration.  The state is still determining what software they will use to monitor cannabis transactions and accept information through API of seed-to-sale platforms, but in the meantime GrowFlow users are seeing an advantage to conducting business electronically in Oklahoma's maturing market. 

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